How often should I have massage therapy?

We are regularly asked by clients, how often should I come for massage therapy?

When there is an injury or a painful condition present, it is important to have massage therapy on a regular basis.  It is most beneficial in rehabilitation of injuries to take an aggressive treatment approach.  Aggressive doesn’t necessarily refer to the techniques used, but to the regularity of treatment.  In these instances we would likely recommend treatment one, two or three times per week until there is an improvement in the condition.  The reasoning behind the aggressive approach is, after a massage, muscles tend to want to tighten back up.  If you can receive massage therapy treatments at regular intervals, we are able to relax the muscles before they tighten to the point that they were before the previous massage.  Over time, this approach usually results in less pain and tension in the affected muscles.  Once some progress is made, the treatment frequency is decreased.  For example, one treatment every week and a half to two weeks.  After that period of time the patient is reassessed to see how their body has tolerated the longer break between treatments and we go from there.

When you are feeling good it is still important to maintain your body with massage therapy.  We have had clients who call the clinic after they bent over to tie their shoes, or put on a sock, or bent down to pick up their child, etc.  and couldn’t stand up straight.  They ask us why something as simple as tying their shoe would throw their back out.  We tell them that likely there was a lot of tension that had built up over time and that the bending motion just pushed it over the edge and caused the muscles to spasm.  This is where massage as a preventative therapy is so important.  You might feel okay, but by doing maintenance treatments every four to six weeks you can reduce the likelihood of instances like this occurring.